TORLYS Smart Leather

Create a Sensation with TORLYS leather floors.

In its own distinctive way, TORLYS Leather redefines what a contemporary and beautiful floor can be. Bold, original, adventurous. Rarely is such an original statement in fashion and design so simply and naturally achieved in a living space. TORLYS Leather is made from 100% recycled leather to create exceptional flooring gifted with tangible environmental benefits. And with TORLYS you know your floor will stand the test of time with TORLYS warranties.

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Leather Tile

expressive. elegant.
Leather Tile

Leather Plank

elegant. understated.
Leather Plank

Mix It Up

Creating mixed patterns: the length of one plank equals three tiles. The width of one plank is half that of one tile.

A Welcome Touch

TORLYS Leather accentuates the distinguished styling and allure of leather to create a uniquely beautiful and enjoyable flooring experience.