TORLYS Smart Cork

Feels Good In So Many Ways.

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Cork floors are exceptionally beautiful, naturally comfortable and remarkably warm. TORLYS is the leader in cork flooring so if an environmentally friendly floor is for you, you’re in the right place! Our collections feature on-trend colours and the first ever, extra-long, 6′ planks. Our new, extremely durable smart finish is integrated into TORLYS Cork, making it 50% more durable than past finishes. Best of all, it’s sustainable, making it a responsible choice.

TORLYS Smart CorkWood™

Engineered for Comfort.

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TORLYS continues to be a leader in cork flooring, introducing the revolutionary CorkWood collection. CorkWood is a truly innovative floor that has everything you ever wanted – the beauty of wood, the durability of laminate and the wonderful comfort of cork. CorkWood has been engineered to bring you all the best-liked benefits of other floors in one superior, all-inclusive flooring solution. Now you can experience the beautiful look of and feel of hardwood, without some of its natural limitations.