"It has surpassed my expectations.
It’s good for traffic; it’s good for comfort,it’s

warm, it’s not cold under the feet and it has added
personality to the room”

Cheryl Grant,
Design and Trends Analyst


Let Your Design Décor Choose Your Flooring

Let Your Design Décor Choose Your Flooring
You are not just choosing flooring, you are enhancing a room. The first step in selecting your flooring is to determine the design décor style you would like to create in your home.

Is your décor style casual, traditional or modern?

What kind of furniture do you already carry in your home?

What color are your walls - light, dark, plain or sophisticated?
Casual Style Flooring Design Décor Traditional Style Flooring Design Décor Modern Style Flooring Design Décor

Casual Flooring
Design & Décor

Traditional Flooring
Design & Décor

Modern Flooring
Design & Décor

Tearing out pictures from decorating magazines that represent the look you're trying to create can help you as well. Let your lifestyle dictate what flooring design décor works best for you. It's okay to mix and match styles, but know the overall look you want... then pick your flooring.

Once you know which décor style suits you best, use TORLYS Leather, Hardwood, Laminate or Cork flooring décor tips to help you select the best flooring for your home.
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