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Designing With TORLYS® Cork Flooring
Ready to shop for a new cork floor? You are not just buying a floor, you are also creating a room. Let TORLYS Décor Consultants guide you through this process.

• Casual Décor Style: Organic, natural and free-   flowing burl cork flooring patterns accent   comfortable casual rooms and create an inviting,   relaxing space.

• Traditional Décor Style: The deep, richness of   Block Merlot cork flooring is an alternative to dark   woods in a traditional room. Combine with rich   hardwood flooring for visual elegance.

• Modern Décor Style: Clean lines and an open,   airy feel are the essence of modern decor.   TORLYS Cork flooring's sensuous textures and   lighter tones warm up and tie elements together   in modern urban living spaces.

Cork Floor Design Tips 
TORLYS Cork flooring voted BEST new
floor by dealers across the country”

• If you are looking for a more dramatic effect with cork flooring, select a bevelled edge detail that   emphasizes the definition of individual cork flooring planks and tiles.

• When installing cork flooring, always work from several boxes at the same time and shuffle   cork flooring planks/tiles for the best visual appearance. 

• TORLYS Florence cork flooring planks and tiles can be mixed together to create your own   unique look!

• For a pre-finished look and smooth, seamless appearance, select TORLYS Classic Cork   flooring.

• Due to its elastic nature cork flooring is comfortable and quiet to walk on. It's ideal for   apartments or basements.

Please Note:
Because Cork is a natural material, no two cork floor planks are alike... this adds to its beauty. Some color and shade variation should be expected. Always work from several boxes at the same time and shuffle planks for the best visual appearance. Always protect cork flooring from direct sunlight and UV light, to minimize fading! Use drapes, UV-protective windows and other methods to protect your cork floor from excessive sunlight.
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