This year, instead of thinking about creating a warmer and healthier space for the kids, why not, well, just do it?

With everyone spending more time indoors, it's a great time to liven things up. Redesigning rooms with cork floors may be the answer. It's a sure way to combine warmth and comfort with eye-catching style and improved indoor air quality.

Eco-friendly pluses of cork flooring have environmentally conscious Canadians walking on air. Cork is 50% air. Nature has bestowed it with a dense air cushioning that insulates against cold and improves sound absorption in
Beautiful, warm Cork floor
The eco-friendly nature of cork flooring is catching on. Canadian families love the quiet, warmth, resilience and great looks.
any room. Cork flooring brings a sense of peace to the noisiest traffic areas - perfect for kitchens, playrooms, family rooms, basements and even bathrooms.

For indoor air quality, cork is hypo-allergenic and insect resistant. Mildew and mold, mites and even termites are repelled by cork due to a naturally occurring substance in cork called Suberin, which is also a natural fire inhibitor.

Beneath the feel-good nature of cork flooring is a feel-good story about its origins as an entirely renewable resource. Cork bark is carefully harvested once every nine years in a time-honoured tradition using hand tools - without destroying a single tree.

With benefits like this, is it any wonder that homeowners across North America are falling in love with cork floors?

Whether your home is contemporary, traditional or relaxed, cork will enhance your overall décor. It is pleasing to your discerning taste, your pocketbook, and your commitment to renewable resources.

You'll be pleased to know that a Canadian company is a leader in cork flooring. TORLYS creates beautiful, earth-friendly floors that are easily installed without chemicals, glues or nails, and little dust. TORLYS floors are remarkably easy to maintain, and badly damaged planks, even in the middle of a room, can be replaced in minutes with a unique and patented tool. You can find out more online at TORLYS.com.
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Monday, April 18, 2011 5:05 PM
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Monday, April 25, 2011 12:22 PM
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