While hardwood floors are always in style, trends in colour, wood species and even the size of floor planks are changing. Simply put, hardwood flooring has never looked or been more appealing.
Wider. Longer.
There is a growing demand for the unequalled beauty of longer, wider hardwood flooring. These prestigious floorboards showcase the wood's grain and add flow and sophistication to your space.
Matte. Informal.
While bigger can be better when it comes to the size of the plank, less is more when it comes to
Wide, long Torlys Hardwood planks in American Walnut create the design
            focal point in this room.
Wide, long TORLYS Hardwood planks in American Walnut create the design focal point in this room.
the finish. Matte, informal finishes give a natural, "lived-in, lived-on" feel. Combine this with the popularity of rustic hardwood floors with artisan touches, and hardwood flooring is returning to its historic roots.
Lighter. Rarer.
Hardwood flooring is undergoing a shift in colour. More and more, designers are moving away from dark stains and selecting mid-tone floors for their clients. Classic browns are also moving over to make room for warm, smoky greys. Not only is colour important, but so is the wood species. Hardwood floors come in wonderful species such as walnut, ash, cherry and 'exotics' such as wengé, etimoe and iroko. These uniquely striking species feature beautiful grains and interesting markings, giving hardwood floors distinct character.
Simply Smarter.
The thinking behind hardwood flooring is also evolving. TORLYS is a progressive flooring company with industry leading guarantees. Their designer-selected, eco-friendly hardwood floors are guaranteed not to gap. They are also backed by a satisfaction guarantee that allows you to exchange your new hardwood floor for another colour if you don't like your original purchase.
Three tips for selecting the right hardwood floor for you:
  1. Find a look you love that complements the woodwork in your home.
  2. Hardwood is a long-term investment. Purchase a good quality hardwood floor that will look beautiful over time.
  3. Not all warranties are created equal. Read the warranty details and compare warranties of other brands. Some warranties are pro-rated meaning they don't give 100% of the replacement value should floor planks split or warp or the finish wears out.

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