The trend to bring nature and its elements indoors has inspired a new trend in flooring. Over the past few years, cork floors have become a popular flooring choice due to its chic-unique aesthetics and environmental benefits.

The Right Choice for Your Home

A cork floor is warm as well as inviting, and complements a variety of decorating styles and elements, including all wood furniture finishes. It's the perfect choice no matter your current decor or taste. Whether you prefer a casual, modern or relaxed country look, a cork floor will accentuate any style or space.

Cork floors have been used for decades,
Cork floors have increased in popularity, such as this TORLYS Cork floor, because of the warm, comfort and easy-living style.
Cork floors have increased in popularity, such as this TORLYS Cork floor, because of the warm, comfort and easy-living style.
traditionally it has been used in schools and libraries for its acoustic benefits. Redesigned for today's consumer, cork is making its way into mainstream living rooms, bedrooms and in particular, kitchens due to its natural beauty, comfort and warmth. While you'll love the look of cork, you'll absolutely adore the feel of it. Cork is 50% air, a dense cushion that insulates against cold and comforts every footstep. With a cork floor underfoot, you'll never want to wear shoes or socks indoors again.

Industry tests for wear have also shown that cork endures like hardwood. Add to this its ability to absorb sound, and cork is beautiful, smart and tough to its core.

The Right Choice for the Environment

Cork offers one more comfort-peace of mind for the environmentally conscious. Cork comes from bark and gently harvested from living trees. While harvests occur often, the same tree is used only once every nine years. The time-honoured tradition, which includes hand tools, never destroys the tree, making cork an entirely renewable resource.

The Canadian Connection

TORLYS, a Canadian company, is a world leader in cork flooring. Their inspiring 100% recycled cork collection features beautiful, earth-friendly, affordable floors which are easy to install without chemicals, glues or nails, and little dust. TORLYS eco-engineered floors allow you to move your floor from room to room or to a second property up to three times under warranty - another earth-friendly plus.

Which rooms suit cork floors?
  1. Casual living spaces where you live on the floor - great rooms, family rooms, basements.
  2. Kitchens - the warmth and comfort benefits are unsurpassed.
  3. Bathrooms - warm and beautiful. No need for special under-floor heat.
  4. Bedrooms - warm and comfortable when getting out of bed and hypoallergenic.
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