Getting started on a new renovation or decorating project is not as difficult as it seems if you follow the process I used for my own bedroom renovation.

How do I decide on flooring?
The floor area sets the tone and feel, and is the second largest space next to the walls. Research the right product for your lifestyle. The key to longevity is to take into consideration quality, the look you want and installation. The flooring used in my bedroom renovation, for instance, is TORLYS cork plank, vintage block chai. It was actually the inspiration for this space because I fell in love with the comfort, warmth and the many environmental benefits of the floor. More information is available online at TORLYS.com.

How do I coordinate fabrics?
Fabrics need to complement each other and not compete
For good health indoors, start with your floors
Jackie Morra, Owner, Home Décor Solutions, provides advice on getting started on decorating projects.
in terms of colour, pattern and scale in order to balance furnishings and style without being visually distracting. Try to choose all fabrics within a space at the same time.

How do I choose and display accessories?
If you don't love it, live without it. Accessories should be a reflection of your personality or style. Group accessories in odd numbers, preferably in threes, while varying the height of objects. Pillows, artwork, lighting and treasured pieces add a finishing touch and can be easily updated.

Where do I hang drapery hardware?
Drapery hardware should be mounted at least 2 inches above the window frame. Drapery panels
For good health indoors, start with your floors
Jackie's inspiration for her bedroom renovation was the TORLYS cork floor.
should extend 12 to 18 inches on either side of the window to maximize the light and viewing area.

What is the right placement and size for artwork?
Hang artwork 60 inches from the floor to the centre of the art. For hallways and stairs use 65 inches. Artwork over a bed or piece of furniture should be 2/3 of the overall width and not higher than 8 inches from the furniture.

How many light sources do I need in a room?
Ideally there should be three lights in a room. This can include overhead, functional/task, and mood lighting. In a dining room, the fixture should hang 30 inches above the table and be at least half of the table's width.

Jackie Morra is a certified interior decorator and owner of Home Decor Solutions, Toronto.
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